English Sites
Christmas [net home] Dedicated to the Christmas holiday, old site, going to get a heavy update
Languages / Linguistics Language/linguistic resources for all your needs
French Language Course A beginner course for you who needs to learn speaking the French language
Discussion Forum Discussion Forum for right now only French Language, we will cover more later
American Civil War 1861-1865 All about the American Civil War
Home Theater Center All about home theaters, including weekly news, tutorials and How-To guides.
Military World Championship 1997 World championship in Military Penathlon
The Swedish Blackjack Site Describes the casino game Blackjack, how to play it and more
VResources A resource for anyone who is interested of Virtual Reality, 3D Computer Graphics and Real-time Simulation Technologies
Women in the Sciences About women in the sciences, from the past to the future
The bicycle shopping guide This web site is meant to help people shopping for a new bicycle.
Xacom Gaming An obsolete section about video and computer games
Swedish Sites
Kristinehamn Information Service Information för boende i Kristinehamn samt turister, webbkatalog och diskussionsforum.
Militära Världsmästerskapen 1997 Världsmästerskap i militär femkamp
The Swedish Blackjack Site Beskriver kasino spelet Blackjack. Om hur man spelar det och mer
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